A B O U T    U S

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Kadistu Records was founded on the premise that humanity had lost its focus and we wanted to re-kindle the flame of goodness, love and compassion that had been at the heart of the creation of humanity and all living things from the beginnings of the time.

These sons are our reflection of everyone's youthful experiences back when we were all created, curious and wondering about the universe and this music is our reflection of the positive energy which is at the heart of the creative process.

There exist a hunger/desire inside of anybody who feels that they can do better things in this world than fight for fame or fortune.

People can become real heroes of tomorrow in the effort they make today in sharing compassion for one another instead of focusing on jealousy or hate and to really want to change those around them, as well, which can lead to influencing the world.

​That is the true power and this is what we are hoping that our music can help inspire in this heart-broken, pain-stricken world we live in.

The important point is to always remember that it is not what you see yourself doing in front of the people through your eyes but what the world remembers and sees in their eyes of you doing for them.

The philosophy behind Kadistu Records is that it is an attempt to accentuate the positive in our world and our music wants to help people to attain their true potencial by following their innermost beliefs and intuitions in an attempt to become not who they think society wants them to be but who they truly want to be.

James Appleton