Fory, aka Akross, is a Colombian DJ/Producer who was born on 5th June 1986 in the city of Quibdo.

At the age of 18 he started in the DJ world learning first how to produce music in order to then learn the mixing ropes which he learned on his own, empirically and with a lot of dedication without forgetting the help and guidance provided by fellow DJs.

These days, Fory is working hard to get a DJ/Producer status in the electronic community not only nationally, but also internationally. He is known for his versatility since his doesn’t like producing the same music genres all the time. He can create from the most modern and strange of Minimal to the deepest of Tech House and encapsulating the depth of Techno. Fory primarily focuses on the equalization quality of his tracks with the aim to provide them not only with the notorious depth and explosiveness of the bass, but also with the hallmark of groove conferring rhythm and joy when listening to them.

The experience and sensations that the deep bass sounds provide to our body and mind is what makes Fory love them more and more each day.


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